At GREAT, we set the bar high and leave no room for "possibly", "almost", or "probably won't happen". We aim to make your job and your life exponentially easier by delivering exceptional success. When it comes to your tasks, we strive to be GREAT, without fail.
Jess Moore, CEO & Co-Founder

Jess is the type of CEO that a company aspires to have. He’s inspiring, inventive, and in case he’s reading this, also very handsome and quite the genius.

Richard Brown, CTO & Co-Founder

We always recognize the look on his face when Rich’s wheels are turning crafting technical innovations – it’s either that, or he has indigestion.

Christine Brown, CFO

When it comes to cha-ching, Christine is as money as it gets. As our CFO,  she keeps the lights on, the paychecks rolling, and the IRS off our backs. All from the comfort of her Hey, wait a second!!

Brian Johnson, Managing Partner

In addition to running our Remote Operation Management organization, Brian formerly played the starring role as undercover MDPD detective Sonny Crocket in the 1980's hit television show, Miami Vice. 

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