Our AWS experts help the Public Sector deliver value to taxpayers by automating processes and surfacing predictive analytics.


Data Transformation & Analytics

Our experts can help you quickly and easily process huge amounts of unstructured data to deliver predictive insights related to healthcare, crime, law enforcement oversight, housing, terrorism, immigration, and more.  Real-time insights deliver real-time value effectiveness.

Strategic Storage Optimization

The growing adoption of body-worn cameras for law enforcement places high demands on archive storage that can be expensive.  See how our experts help drive down AWS storage costs.  We optimize bandwidth, streaming, and content storage through the use of ML to ensure actionable video identified, workflow-ed, and archived.

Cloud-Native Applications

We rapidly develop innovative cloud-native applications that deliver. From serverless microservices connected to unstructured data for situational awareness in the field to driving down costs internally by getting off spreadsheets.  Spend less time and money by automating.

Our experts have provided the skill and insight that has allowed various federal agencies the ability to provide decision-makers and their advisors high-level, all-source information and analysis on national. and international issues.

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