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San Diego Gas Electric

Case Study

Using microservices within AWS technologies, we created a centralized web application for drone and other field crews that provides comprehensive asset information and efficiently manages assessment and repair workflow.

Utilized by internal as well as third-party consultants, the solution simplifies issue remediation to meet regulatory compliance requirements as well as increases safety.

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Industry Solution : Power & Utilities

Centralized Data Application for Utility Company Drone Assessment and Repair Programs

Utility companies create a vast amount of data. A drone assessment and repair program requires information from various silo’ed systems to operate effectively.

  • Drone Flight Planning
  • Drone Image and Assessments
  • Asset Issue Tracking & Workflow Management
  • Emergency Issue Management
  • Vegetation Issue Management
  • CIP Issue Management
  • Construction Services Management and Tracking
  • Customer Outreach

The complexity associated with getting the correct information at the right time is inefficient and complex, resulting in lost time and mistakes.

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