You need to get to the AWS cloud. Without feeling like your head is in the clouds during the process. Well, that’s why we’re here. That is all we do. Besides time out for the occasional snack or cocktail. Rely on GREAT for everything you need, then quickly and efficiently realize successful outcomes in the AWS cloud.



Everyone has their own definition of modern. While you may be fine with wearing dated jeans to the office because your finger’s not on the pulse of fashion, that’s understandable. But business wise, you need to be ahead of the game. We can help you transform your data to deliver actionable insights via machine learning and AI. We’ll deal with your wardrobe later.


Run & Operate

If you’ve arrived in the AWS cloud, that’s half the battle. Somebody needs to manage it. Anybody in the conference room raising their hand? Hello? No worries, GREAT can take on every aspect or comprehensively support your team on the day-to-day management.

Pro Tip: When you know things, but perhaps not quite enough, call GREAT.

If you don't have the resources or the experience to execute your AWS needs, GREAT can help. Call us at (888) 915-9418 and then take full credit when all runs smoothly.

What may seem overwhelming we’ll make overly easy.

Migrate to AWS

Someone insisted you move to AWS. You responded with, “Yeah? With me and what army?” Hopefully you weren’t so smart-alecky, but we know how daunting the task may seem. We also know you’re smart, and aware when it’s time to enlist help. You’ll be shown, step-by-step, how to migrate to AWS. Call and give us a few moments, it won’t take that much convincing because this is exclusively what we do.

Modernize with AI

If the traditional data warehouse doesn't have the juice to deliver on the promise of Big Data, then leveraging unstructured data using a Data Lake on AWS will. Coupled with AI and Machine Learning, your modernized platform will deliver more actionable insights than you ever thought possible. It will allow you to deliver value to your customers better and faster than you could ever imagine. GREAT never overpromises, we simply overdeliver.

Lower your costs

You’ve moved to AWS, and now you’re wondering if you got the acronym wrong because of the huge monthly costs that still exist. We don’t think you accidentally employed AMS or AWX – one, because they don’t exist, and two, because we know your team isn’t maximizing AWS efficiency. By evaluating your architecture and governance models, we can drive your costs down and proactively ensure you realize savings over time. Use the savings to deliver even more value to your customers. Or take the team to Vegas. Your call.

Uh-oh sucks

Maybe some suit told you to move to AWS. So, you jumped in and are currently just treading to keep your head above water. Even if your project is behind and things are getting out-of-hand, now’s not the time to panic (especially if you’re literally in water). If you continue on that path, well, go ahead and panic. Everyone may be fired anyway. Enter GREAT. We specialize in jumping headlong into a current or soon-to-be nightmare and helping it appear as if you were on top of things all along. We’ll even give you a cape to wear.

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