AWS is your task at hand. And we assume you’re going to prefer GREAT work over good. We didn’t choose our name because we’re an arrogant bunch of you-know-whats. We did so because it defines the experience we deliver to the world's top brands.

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At GREAT, we’re driven to live up to our moniker at every turn. Good, or above average, or acceptable doesn’t cut it. To us, it’s not an option to come up short. Fortunately, given the proficiency of our team, it all turned out the way we expected – no name change necessary.

When it comes to delivering successful AWS services, we are undeniably, ceaselessly GREAT. We focus purely on migrating to AWS, optimizing for maximum performance and driving down cost. When we're done, we arm our clients with the tools and know-how to handle it from there.

Not an arduous trek, but a seamless journey.



Your applications and environments demand to be moved to AWS. You’ve probably surmised by now that you’re in the right place to make that happen. Because that's what we do. All day, every day. Our expertise coupled with our tools and grit deliver success while driving down cost and risk.



You have the right mindset for moving forward, you just need the perfect tools - as in, tomorrow’s technology. Fortunately for you, we can assist you with that today. Modernize with AWS technologies to transform your data and deliver predictive and actionable insights via machine learning and AI.


Run & Operate

We’ve seen it before. You have an AWS environment but not enough horsepower to manage it. But you can stop banging your head against the wall – GREAT can help, and we don’t want to see you get hurt.  We can coach your team up to handle the job or we can do it for you. DevOps, CI/CD, Cost Optimization, or Managed Service. We've got you covered!


GREAT Culture

We’re set on making GREAT the best place in the world to work. And we’re well on our way. To do so, there’s no secret formula. Sure, we hire the brightest in the field, but that’s just one cost-of-entry. Our other parameter? No jerks. Hence, our “No Jerk Policy” (it’s quite the read). We only hire fun, highly skilled people with a metric ton of grit. Difficult personalities do not last here. We’ve got quite a good radar for those types. If we detect one during the hiring process, the response is simply, "Thanks, but we'll pass." In the end, our clients benefit just as much as we do from our commitment to this culture.

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Founded in San Diego where you can find us enjoying fish tacos and cold IPAs.


1596 N. Coast Highway 101
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PO Box 2625
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South America

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