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Posted by Jess Moore on April 28, 2020

Say "Adios" to the consulting grinder.

"I need you on a plane to New York on Sunday afternoon for a Monday, 8:00 AM kick-off."  

"Guys, 40 is not going to do it this week. Clear your weekend. The client is pissed and we're behind."

"I don't care. You need to find a way to bill."

Oof.  We've all been on the receiving end of those lines.  It's not fun.  It's the stuff that burnout is made of. 

It's why consultants leave the business.

We call it the Grinder. It kills fun.

We hate the Grinder. It kills happiness at work. It's why we ultimately started GREAT.

We wanted a work environment that serves the people that make up the company. One that allows all of us to do the things we really love. Hanging out with family. Jamming on guitar with friends. Hitting the surf on a killer south-swell.

It makes us happy and more productive. It builds up our culture.  It makes us...well...GREAT.  

We've found when we're happy, we seem to make our clients happy. And when our clients are happy, every critical part of the business falls into place.

10 ways we avoid the Grinder.

How do we do it?  Simple, here's 10 ways.

  1. We hire people good people over good technologists. We can teach technology. We can't teach people how not to be jerks.
  2. We work business hours. We don't ask anyone to put in more than 40.
  3. We travel about 10%. We work remote but we'll be onsite for key milestones.
  4. Our bonuses are achievable. We pay the full bonus for...are ready for this...doing your job.
  5. We pay well. We pay for the role and not on what you made at your last job.
  6. Our insurance rocks. In many cases we pay 100%.
  7. We promote internally. Why look outside when you already have the best talent?
  8. We don't work with toxic clients. We seem to repel them. I don't think they like people having fun.
  9. No PTO or vacation policy. Just get your work done and take the time off you need, when you need it.
  10. Everyone goes to Club. Every year, we take the entire company someplace awesome to have some fun.

Can you tell me more about the company trip?

You heard it right. We take the entire company to a fun and exotic destination.  Think Cancun, Hawaii, and other places that generally have beaches and amenities. Four days of pool time, massages, and group outings designed to reinforce our relationships and recharge our motors.  And yes, a companion is welcome to come also.

Take 5 minutes to learn more!

So what more do you need to know?  You want to work at an amazing company.  We want to work with amazing people.  It seems like a perfect fit!  Take 5 minutes to see if we're a match!

Sure, I'd like to see if we're a match!

About GREAT:
GREAT is an AWS-focused cloud services company.  We deliver optimized cloud migrations, AI/ML-driven business insights, and Managed Services to the world's top brands. GREAT is headquartered in San Diego, CA, with offices in Denver CO, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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