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Posted by GREAT Communications on March 31, 2020

Say goodbye to quarter to quarter thinking.

We've all worked for that company. You know, the one with the boss that calls every twelve minutes on the last day of the quarter.

"Did they sign? When will it close?" "Did you incent them to sign by the end of the month?" "If they don't sign, you better have an upside deal that will"

It's one of the joys of working for a company focused only near term results at the expense of the longer-term opportunity.

At GREAT, we prefer getting the timing right for both us and the client. 

That means we don't hyper-fixate on quarterly dates to get deals done. We'd rather do the right deal at the right time. That doesn't always align with the end of the quarter. That type of thinking is baked into our culture (<---Go ahead...click it) .

As a result, we've found our Account Executives build a better relationship with our clients and a more valuable book of business over the fiscal year. 

If you like to have fun, make money, and create lasting relationships with your clients, then GREAT may be the place for you.

We're hiring Sales Executive in all US regions.  See if you are GREAT material below!


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