Posted by Gene Maquina on June 3, 2020

Your monthly installment of weird, quirky, and bizarre news from the world of AWS for the month of May, 2020.



1.  Lidl owner set to launch own rival to AWS

That's right. The Schwarz Gruppe, a €100b family-owned German grocery group you've probably never heard of unless you shop at Lidle or Kaufland, announced they will launch a cloud platform that competes with AWS.

Our first reaction was, "well, good luck with that." But then again, Overstock launched a cryptocurrency (tZero) in 2017, which is seeing some success as an alternative trading platform.

And AWS, after all, was launched by an online bookstore.

So, hats off to the Schwarz Gruppe for setting lofty goals. Our unsolicited advice? Start with the Mittelstand and build from there.


2. Oracle Challenges AWS to Cloud Calculator Duel

The title made us laugh because it so perfectly captures the way Oracle sees the world.

Oracle is not the first competitor to focus on data egress pricing, but they are the first of the majors (GCP, Microsoft, and AWS) to go free up to 10T.

Is this is enough to make working with Oracle worthwhile? We'll just have to see.

In the meantime, try it out and let us know what you think.

Always Be Closing

3. Amazon salesperson’s pitch to oil and gas: ‘Remember that we actually consume your products!

When Google bailed on Oil and Gas, AWS and Microsoft doubled down on the vertical and undoubtedly saw it as an area of growth.

After all, few industries are a better fit for AI/ML.

But it's not fair to conclude that Amazon has no conscience when it comes to sustainability. Their initiatives are well documented. They also have a goal of making half of their delivery trips “carbon neutral” by 2030.

Amazon Protest

4. Senior AWS Engineer Quits, Forfeits $1 Million to Protest Firings

In a world where everyone is a social media hero, this guy put his money where his mouth is to the tune of $1M.

Our take? Agree with his position or not, the guy rolls with conviction. And you have to love that.


5. Four Weeks AWS Cloud Computing Training in Phoenixville | June 1- June 24, 2020

We love AWS training but what made us smile was the list of other Chester County events you might want to attend while you're there.

Classy Lady Tea Party? How about Beer and Bonsai? There are plenty more. Take a look.

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