Toolkit: Management & Governance on AWS

Customers can use AWS Management and Governance services to assess their resource utilization and identify ways to reduce costs.

Arch_AWS-CloudFormation_64 AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation gives you an easy way to model a collection of related AWS and third-party resources, provision them quickly and consistently, and manage them throughout their lifecycles, by treating infrastructure as code. A CloudFormation template describes your desired resources and their dependencies so you can launch and configure them together as a stack.

Arch_Amazon-CloudWatch_64 AWS CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring and observability service built for DevOps engineers, developers, site reliability engineers (SREs), and IT managers. CloudWatch provides you with data and actionable insights to monitor your applications, respond to system-wide performance changes, optimize resource utilization, and get a unified view of operational health.

Arch_AWS-AppConfig_64 AWS AppConfig

AWS AppConfig allows you to create, manage, and quickly deploy application configurations. You can use AWS AppConfig with applications hosted on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, AWS Lambda, containers, mobile applications, or IoT devices.

Arch_AWS-Control-Tower_64 AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower provides the easiest way to set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment, called a landing zone. AWS Control Tower creates your landing zone using AWS Organizations, bringing ongoing account management and governance as well as implementation best practices.

Arch_AWS-Organizations_64 AWS Organizations

AWS Organizations helps you centrally manage and govern your environment as you grow and scale your AWS resources. Using AWS Organizations, you can programmatically create new AWS accounts and allocate resources, group accounts to organize your workflows, apply policies to accounts or groups for governance, and simplify billing by using a single payment method for all of your accounts.

Arch_AWS-Personal-Health-Dashboard_64 AWS Personal Health Dashboard

AWS Personal Health Dashboard provides alerts and remediation guidance when AWS is experiencing events that may impact you. While the Service Health Dashboard displays the general status of AWS services, Personal Health Dashboard gives you a personalized view into the performance and availability of the AWS services underlying your AWS resources.

Arch_AWS-Service-Catalog_64 AWS Service Catalog

AWS Service Catalog allows organizations to create and manage catalogs of IT services that are approved for use on AWS. These IT services can include everything from virtual machine images, servers, software, and databases to complete multi-tier application architectures. AWS Service Catalog allows you to centrally manage deployed IT services and your applications, resources, and metadata.

Arch_AWS-Systems-Manager_64 AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager is the operations hub for AWS. Systems Manager provides a unified user interface so you can track and resolve operational issues across your AWS applications and resources from a central place. With Systems Manager, you can automate operational tasks for Amazon EC2 instances or Amazon RDS instances.

Arch_AWS-Trusted-Advisor_64 AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor is a fully managed service that provides you guidance to follow AWS best practices. Trusted Advisor helps optimize your AWS infrastructure, improve security and performance, reduce the overall costs, and monitor service limits.

Arch_AWS-Well-Architected-Tool_64 AWS Well-Architected Tools

The AWS Well-Architected Tool helps you review the state of your workloads and compares them to the latest AWS architectural best practices. The tool is based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework, developed to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient application infrastructure.

With AWS Management and Governance services, customers don’t have to choose between innovation and control—they can have both.

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