Toolkit: AWS Containers

AWS container services run on the best global infrastructure with 77 Availability Zones (AZ) across 24 Regions. AWS container services are deeply integrated with AWS by design. This allows your container applications to leverage the breadth and depth of the AWS cloud from networking, security, to monitoring.

Arch_Amazon-Elastic-Container-Registry_64 Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) is a fully managed container registry that makes it easy to store, manage, share, and deploy your container images and artifacts anywhere. Amazon ECR eliminates the need to operate your own container repositories or worry about scaling the underlying infrastructure.

Arch_Amazon-Elastic-Container-Service_64 Amazon Elastic Container Service

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) is a fully managed container orchestration service. ECS supports Fargate to provide serverless compute for containers. Fargate removes the need to provision and manage servers, lets you specify and pay for resources per application, and improves security through application isolation by design.

AWS offers 210 security, compliance, and governance services and key features which is about 40 more than the next largest cloud provider.

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