Adobe's marketing automation is the bee's knees - named the leader for B2B platforms by Gartner.


Seamless Data Integration

GREAT can help you quickly pull in customer data from multiple sources, both Adobe and non-Adobe, to create powerful profiles. With rapid integration, you'll spend less time sorting data and more time taking action.

Next Level Data Analysis & Science

GREAT makes it a breeze for clients to mix and match data from every step of the customer journey with Adobe, uncovering hidden gems with AI and Machine learning. Get ready to connect new dots and discover valuable insights like a pro!

Data Management & Security

Adobe's purpose-built technology ensures proper use of customer data by all parties, giving you peace of mind to focus on growing your business, staying compliant, and gaining customer trust.

Adobe's game-changing innovations are redefining the possibilities of digital experiences. They connect content and data and introduce new technologies that democratize creativity, shape the next generation of storytelling, and inspire entirely new categories of business.



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